May 21, 2018

Where Am I From

Excerpts from a young girl’s diary: Wonder Years!
May 21, 2018


Excerpts from a young girl’s diary: Growing up strong
May 21, 2018

My Roadkill Wall

Oh, to be jilted
May 21, 2018


We feed the monsters that live inside us, some good and others not-so-good. PUBLISHED: Free Lit Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 5, September 2017
May 21, 2018

There Is No Good In People

Do our fears dominate our judgment? Or is it simply easier to dislike than acknowledge good when we see it ? PUBLISHED : Gracious Living Foundation, March 2018
May 21, 2018

Myth and Mythology

Across civilizations and throughout history, even before the written word, in the deep recesses of our collective imaginations, we have always needed our tales of holy creatures and ferocious monsters, demonic beasts, sirens and witches, kings and gods. Have there been any recurring stages and similarities in these mythologies across cultures, about our fears and our longings and about this universal pull towards good or evil ? PUBLISHED : E-ZINE, MWG, Summer 2018