About Anubha

Anubha Mehta is a Canadian writer, educator, and artist who was born in India.

With a doctorate in Political Science and over two decades of Canadian public service experience, Anubha has been awarded for innovative program planning and working with diverse Canadian communities. Anubha has always balanced academics and public service with art and has been a classical dancer, theatre-actor, painter and poet.

Born in India and traveled extensively across the globe, Anubha’s narrative is influenced by insatiable curiosity, imagination, and spontaneity, reflecting reality in East and West.  Anubha’s Personal Stories and Articles have been published in Canada and abroad and are drawn from her ancestors, childhood, her daily life and capture the spirit of epochs lived through turbulent and peaceful time.

Anubha’s publication, The Politics of Nation Building and Art Patronage (2012), was a culmination of years of her research in the late 1990s.

She is a member of the Canadian  Writers Union, Canadian Authors Association, Mississauga  Arts Council, Writers & Editors Network, Mississauga Writers Group, United Way South Asian Advisory Council, Founding member of the Regional Diversity Roundtable, and many other networks.

Anubha’s publication, The Politics of Nation Building and Art Patronage (2012), was a culmination of years of her research in the late 1990s.

Anubha’s debut novel, PEACOCK IN THE SNOW published by Inanna Publications, was launched at a highly successful sold-out event on September 28 2018 in Toronto Canada.  Peacock in the Snow was selected for sponsorship by the City of Toronto Arts Council, Toronto International Festival of Authors- Toronto’s Lit Up and is available online and in bookstores across North America on September 25, 2018.

PEACOCK IN THE SNOW is about the tireless capacity of the human spirit to love, hope, strive and succeed despite impossible obstacles.

Anubha’s dream of listening to and sharing everyday voices has led to the development of this interactive platform inside this website called TELL-TALE. Here Anubha invites tales of natives and immigrants, from past and present, from lonely corners and loud hubs to recall themselves and unpack their worlds. Within these tales, we often discover unexpected, eclectic nuggets that provide comparators and inspiration within our own worlds.

In A WRITERS BLOG, Anubha shares the transitioning from a Writer to an Author – with social media, publicity, lessons learned, tips, tools, and traps. In consecutive posts Anubha lays out this unfamiliar journey as it has unfolded for her, hoping that others who are going through this transition may relate to some of her predicaments and knowing that she has not been the first to go through this.

Anubha’s Personal Stories and Articles are drawn from her ancestors, childhood and life and capture the spirit of epochs lived through turbulent and peaceful times.

Anubha is a Sanskrit name, meaning the one who follows the light. This name has always inspired her to see light even at the darkest moments. Just as light reflects different hues, Anubha’s writing mirrors experiences through different roles that she has fulfilled. Having traveled extensively, Anubha has met countless individuals who have fired her imagination and walked through her pages to make them real.