July 24, 2018

Peacock In The Snow: About the Book

June 5, 2018

Toronto, My Love, One More Time!

I , Nelofar Husain Currimbhoy, President of the iconic international brand of Natural Cosmetics, Shehnaz Herbal, Author of two Best Selling Novels, am sharing my visions of this great city- Toronto.
May 24, 2018

Why Am I Such A Bad Cook?

Is cooking just an act of love? Published in E-Zine, MWG, Fall 2020
May 24, 2018

Letting Go

As I pressed the recline button on my plane seat, my heart filled with hope and excitement. I was going home. A home that I had left twenty years ago […]
May 22, 2018

Myth Shattered: One Pen Is Better Than Three

Guest Blog: Today I share a post by an Author-friend, Chris Patchell, who collaborated with two other writing friends to step outside her comfort zone and co-author a romance set in Italy. Who would have guessed that co-writing projects could work, and more importantly, could be so much fun!
May 22, 2018

Are Challenges Hidden Opportunities for Growth?

An Interview with Award-Winning Author: Mariam Pirbhai on Her Life, Thoughts, and Journey in Canada: Interviewed by Anubha Mehta ( November 2017)