May 24, 2018

Letting Go

As I pressed the recline button on my plane seat, my heart filled with hope and excitement. I was going home. A home that I had left twenty years ago […]
May 22, 2018

Myth Shattered: One Pen is Better than Three

Guest Blog: Today I share a post by an Author-friend, Chris Patchell, who collaborated with two other writing friends to step outside her comfort zone and co-author a romance set in Italy. Who would have guessed that co-writing projects could work, and more importantly, could be so much fun!
May 22, 2018

Being Solitary: Is My Virtue and My Vice

My name is Roy Wiseman, I am a proud Canadian, and my story is about coming to terms with my solitude, hardship, survival, and success. Interviewed by Anubha Mehta (October 2017)
May 22, 2018

Are Challenges Hidden Opportunities for Growth?

An Interview with Award-Winning Author: Mariam Pirbhai on Her Life, Thoughts, and Journey in Canada: Interviewed by Anubha Mehta ( November 2017)
May 21, 2018


From our mother’s womb we grow, Like sunflowers with a golden glow, Aren’t we radiant , aren’t we free, Aren’t we all that we can be ....... Then we start growing some more, And in come the soaring chores
May 21, 2018

Where Am I From

Excerpts from a young girl’s diary: Wonder Years!