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Anubha Mehta is an award-winning Canadian author and artist who was born in India. Winner of the Best Novelist Award, 2023, Anubha’s story-telling narrative provides a current perspective on a multiplicity of age-old diasporic Canadian issues. With a doctorate in Political Science and two decades of Canadian public service experience, Anubha has been awarded for her leadership work with diverse communities. Her writing reflects a life lived through turmoil and peace on both sides of the globe.


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Everyone has a tale to tell. And each tale has a message. Journey into the worlds of diverse, unheard voices through these incredibly brave tales to discover their pockets of sunshine, heartbreak, triumphs and setbacks, all wrapped tightly around the way they tell their stories.

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My stories are real and imagined, written and oral and have come from family, history, life, and travel. Since I was a child, I lived in a world of stories , some of which were real and others have been woven into the tapestry of my plots.


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This is a genre-bending thriller about the power of love, sacrifice and the tireless capacity of people to hope, strive and succeed despite challenging circumstances. PEACOCK IN THE SNOW transcends the boundaries of time and country to give a fresh perspective on patriarchy, migration and courage.

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